Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The day I realized that I am committed to photography

I spotted Kaloor international stadium in all it's glory (even the term augmented glory will fit in well), when I was going home after a days hectic training assignment. It was the evening before the India - England cricket match. I was dead tired, literally tired. Did not have the energy even to walk. I was pulled in both directions, the urge of the photographer to photograph this golden scene, which may not be available later, or to relax. I reached home, with a mind made up to go after the photography opportunity. Pulled out the tripod, Canon 550D, the tokina wide angle lens and headed towards the stadium which is very close to my apartment, resulting in this photograph. This may not be the best, but definitely one of the best photographs of mine, so far. That was the day, I myself realized that I like photography, and it is here to stay with me...Have a wonderful day. 

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