Quick Malayalam

 Here are some malayalam words and phrases which may help you;

Hello - Namaskaram
Good morning - Suprabhatham
How are you? - Sukhamano
Thank you - Nanni
See you - Pinne kanam
What is your name - Peru entha
What do you do - Enthu cheyyunnu
What is your job - Entha joli
Where is your house - Veedu evide
Temple - Ambalam
Church - Palli
How much - Ethra
Water - Vellam
Food - Bhakshanam
Tea - chaya
Coffee - Kappi 
Black coffee - Kattan Kappi
Coffee without sugar - Panchasara illathe
Rain - Mazha
Will this bus go to Kovalam - Ee bus kovalathekku pokumo
What is the price - entha vila
It is a very high price  - Vila kooduthal aanu

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