Sunday, November 21, 2010

138 # Raise your voice against India's stand favoring endosulphan use

If this happens to us, will we keep quiet. India is still favoring the use of endosulphan (fertilizer) use despite it's drastic negative impacts on human life as seen in the pictures from the Kasargod district of Kerala, where several people got affected because of exposure to endosulphan. While the present Kerala state government led by the communists wants to stop this, the central government led by the Congress is still hesitant to ban it by saying some lame excuses of lack of scientific proof.  Reasons laid by India before the Stockholm convention include the fact that Endosulfan has not been "proved" to be the cause of the disaster in Kerala.

Aren't the faces of the dying kids, the cries of the deformed newborns, the pleading voices of a billion reason enough to ban the pesticide?! Wherein lies the senses of our leaders! Can they not hear the struggles of men who fell victim to the sustained use of endosulfan, and the consequences of the malicious "bio-weapon"?

If this happens to you, will you Keep quiet? 

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