Tuesday, June 7, 2011

193 # Enjoy an elephant ride at Kodanad elephant camp near Kochi, and photograph them till your memory cards are full.

Kerala is well known for it's tuskers. Keralites love tall elegant tuskers. Each celebrity tusker has even a great  fan following as well. Fully decorated tuskers are the main attraction of the festivals. Guruvayoor Kesavan was the legend among them. When he died, he had the state funeral. Rich, aristocratic families (tharavadu), owns these elephants, and they are treated like family members. These days this aspect is slowly getting diluted because people started approaching this as business. Kodanad has a elephant camp, where the elephants get trained. There you can even enjoy an elephant ride, and it is ideal for photography. Monday is a holiday for them. 

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Anonymous said...

This is not kodanad Elephant Camp.
In first photo its Valiya Kesavan he belongs guruvayoor temple< Thrissur
and the second is infront of Paramekavu temple, Thrissur