Wednesday, June 1, 2011

192# Visit St.Mary's Church, Alangad, Alwaye (Near Kochi City)

Ever since I started this blog, travel has become a very pleasurable activity, whether it is driving around in the known territory or venturing into the unknown territories. And of course it is lucrative as well. A couple of weeks back I drove via Alangad, a small village near my home @Varapuzha, Kochi. The elegant St.Mary's Church, which is a couple of centuries old, did not miss my eyes. This was the route I used to take in the public transport bus, when I was studying at the Union Christian College, Alwaye. May be that nostalgia was also brewing in me, which made me stop there and take some quick photographs with my ever present Canon power shot. Here are the photos for you. One sad fact is that, I will may not be able to photograph this elegant church again, as the new church is under progress. I do not know whether this will be preserved or not.

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