Monday, December 12, 2011

351# Buy some bamboo handicrafts of Kerala


SnS said...

we would love to buy. Please let us know the address

Aby said...

If you are looking for Bamboo handicrafts visit Kairali handicrafts emporium at Kochi. That is the best place for handicrafts, for a tourist who has limited time. Khadi gramodyog handicrafts show rooms is another option. Kairali handicrafts is near jose junction, M.G road,Ernakulam where as the Khadi gramodyog showroom is near kacheripadi in Banerjee road, Ernakulam.

If you are looking for antique furniture, then Simethy's handicrafts showroom, near Kariyad (closer to Kochi international airport). Serach in this blog for Simethy for more info. Since Simethy's show room is in the outskirts of the city, pricing is very competitive. Trust this helps.

aishani said...

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