Wednesday, January 4, 2012

359# Buy the book "Yoga, the science of living" by Osho from any of the D.C book stalls, and a new perspective. Buying books in India makes lot of sense because they are lot cheaper here, than the rest of the world

Yoga, according to Osho, is not only a system of belief but is also a scientific methodology that heightens awareness and makes it possible to live in a constant state of happiness, harmony and fulfillment. Insightful and profound, Yoga: the science of living is an invaluable guide for those looking for inner balance and peace.

  • Ask a question close to home
  • The mind is very clever 
  • The inside of the inside 
  • Be a seed
  • Piling up the zeros of being 
  • You cant get there from here
  • In a cold universe
  • The rock bottom of No and Yes
  • Into the Fantastic 
  • Take the risk
Published by penguin books. Price in India is Rs.299. 

View from the D.C books, Bay pride mall, Marine drive, Kochi

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