Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kerala is painted red. The political snapshot of kerala

Keralas main political parties are the congress and the communists. The united democratic front alias udf, led by the congress is the ruling party as of today. The previous ministry was led by the left democratic front alias ldf. Both the fronts are almost equal on strength and in kerala people use their franchise based on how well they ruled. Since people get sick of the politricks very fast, so far they have given equal chance to both the fronts. As a tourist, it is better to refrain from political talks. Do not get surprised if you have to amend your itinery due to harthal which is a form of protest to support some specific causes  which brings the life in kerala to stand still. If there is a harthal most probably no public transport will ply. So if the scent of a harthal is in the air then always have a plan-a and a plan-b.

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