Monday, April 9, 2012

Delicious food at mullapandal toddy shop..


Yesterday, I went there with my nephews Paul, Antony and David. After a long time, I had the taste of good toddy(the local mild liquor, straight from the coconut tree), which did not upset my tummy. That must be an un-adulterated one. Mullapandal, the name of the toddy shop (names for a toddy shop is very rare, everything is known as toddy shop) is very famous in the local circles for it's delicious food, reasonably good toddy and a safe&clean atmosphere. We had prawns ularthiyathu (a local preparation of prawns with coconut), perlspot (karimeen) fry, meen pollichathu, rabbit, tortoise and pork. Four of us had enough toddy (I was the driver, so limited myself to two glasses) and food, plus two karimeen fry parcel for my family, and the bill was less than Rs.2000/- (40 USD) including tips. That was a good deal. Will be visiting again soon. One more fact, it is safe place to go with family. Lot of people go there just for having good food. The place is quite spacious and reasonably clean when compared to many other toddy shops.

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R Niranjan Das said...

Have heard a lot about this place. Where exactly is its location?

Aby said...

It is very close to Thrippunithura. Thrippunithura is hardly 10k.m from Ernakulam. In Thrippunithura, it is very close Govt ayurveda college. You ask anyone there, they will direct you.