Sunday, April 29, 2012

Do nothing

"Do nothing" is another thing to do while travelling. I have had trips where at the end of it, I was more tired than before it. It is important to embrace silence and solitude, once in a while, while travelling. They say that one should never go for a jungle trip with a talkative person. The beauty of the jungle is in it's silence and the natural sounds of the birds, wind, rain and animals, and in the company of a talkative person, we may miss these wonders. During one of those 'do nothing' moods, I was in our ancestral property which is a small piece of land on the suburbs of Kochi city. To my surprise this plant, planted by my Father was in a very welcoming mood, as if my Father welcomes me back to my ancestral roots, with a bunch of flowers. How true it is, when someone said, 'Plant a tree, if you want to outlive your life'.

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