Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Try out some local delicacies like avulose unda, sarkara varatti, chakka varuthathu, kozhi kotta, kaya varuthathu ..

Here are some avulose unda. Made of rice, it is sweet and hard. During my child hood, my grandmother used to make these and store them, to quench the appetite of more than a dozen hungry stomachs (me and my cousins), after a round of cricket, foot ball, cycling or trekking in the village neighborhood. Now the joint families are no more, these are found in the shelves of super markets. Yesterday, I got some :-). Apart from these the other famous local delicacies are kaya varuthathu (banana fry), chakka varuthathu (jackfruit fry), Ada, kappa varuthatu (tapioca fry), sarkara varatti (sweet), kozhi kotta (sweet), and most of these are available in the supermarkets or bakeries. Worth enjoying them, when in Kerala.

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