Monday, May 14, 2012

Visit Ezhattumukham (the place where seven rivers meet), which is very close to Athirppally waterfalls, near Chalakkudy, between Ernakulam and Trichur

We went there in our new swift diesel, which is a pleasure to drive. It is indeed the driver's car. Chalakudy is in between Ernakulam and Trichur (Thrissur). While going from Ernakulam, we took a right turn at the Karayamparambu junction. The condition of the road winding through an estate was bad, and it was compensated by the greenery. There is a forest check post on the way. Ezhattumukhan was full of visitors, since it is a Sunday. The main attraction of the place is the joining place of seven rivers. Since it is the fag end of summer, the water levels were very low. During the rainy season, the water levels can go up, and sometimes flash floods can occur, which is very dangerous. Erumadams (tree houses), is another attraction. One can try out these at a nominal additional fee.
There are no decent food joints here, so it is recommended to carry your own food. We saw one family cooking their own food there. One can see Thumburmuzhi, on the other side. While coming back, we decided to take the thumburmuzhi route, which landed us at the national highway at Chalakkudy. The roads were better, but then we had to cover more distance. Athirappally waterfalls, and Thumburmuzhi check dams, Silver storm water theme park are all very near, and for the first time visitor, it is better to club all these destinations and and make it a one day outing. Overall, the first outing in the new diesel swift was very swift...:-).


R Niranjan Das said...

That seems to be a nice place. Missed out on it when i visited Athirappilly falls. Did you visit Vazhachal falls also?

Aby said...

No. Somehow, vazhachal has been eluding us for a while now. Will make it during the thick of the monsoon season, to watch the waterfalls in all their glory. Thanks for reminding me of Vazhachal, and for the continuous support.