Thursday, May 31, 2012

Visit simethy's antique shop

My tryst with simethys antique shop started atleast six years back when we purchased two wooden chairs from them. Since then we stop at the simethys whenever we pass that way. The second purchase from them was an easy chair made in the kerala style. They deal with original antiques as well as new furniture styled like the antiques and i really appreciate their professional integrity, when they seggregate the real antiques from the look alikes. I will say that the prices are medium. Simethys are on the left side of the highway connecting kochi airport to kochi city and comes before alwaye. If you have a nose for antique furniture or kerala style furniture, the Simethys store will not disappoint you. They will even help you to ship the product to your home town. That is how we got our chairs delivered at our Bangalore apartment.

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