Saturday, June 2, 2012

Buy a pair of methiz (methiyadi)

I bought them at third floor of the Oberon mall, Kochi. In fact, all of us put together bought five pairs, each pair costing Rs.300/-. This is a very unique product which is rooted on tradition, and at the same time functional and modern. Kudos to those who conceptualized the design of this foot wear. Mthiyadi was the foot wear used by Keralites a century back, and it was made of wood, which was not flexible at all.  This one, the Methiz is made out of good quality, flexible material, which makes it very convenient to wear, and it looks very colorful and trendy. If you pay 80Rs extra, then you can customize it (choose different colors for the various components which makes it).

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R Niranjan Das said...

Colourful and looks good.