Monday, June 25, 2012

Kerala breakfast

After a streak of Iddly, Vada, Sambar break fasts at Bangalore and some oats, bread, butter, egg combinations at Muscat, I am back to Kerala with a Kanji, Cheru payar combination, which is simple yet delicious, and is one of the original Keralan breakfasts. Most of the Keralan breakfasts like puttu, kanji, iddly, dosa are very low in fat. It feels very light even after the breakfast and and the same time have enough good calories to take a Keralan till noon. Unfortunately, the original Keralan delicacies are giving way to fast food culture. Believe me, as an original Keralan, Pizza and Burgers are the last things on my agenda. I do not feel good after taking it. It is not meant for me. The present generation is after it, may not be because of the taste of it, but for the social compulsions. Today, I was lucky to get Kanji and Cherupayar, as the kitchen store is almost empty, becuase we did not shop for a while now. Again the style of shopping has changed. Before, we used to go to the local market known as the chandha (the local market) against which no mega mart can match, is slowly giving way to the air conditioned grocery stores in the shopping malls, which the urban Keralan prefers over the chandha.

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