Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kerala, calling

I am on work related travel for the past ten days..and this time I am missing Kerala very much. I do not even have the motivation to click anything of the monotony of the outsourcing hub of the world, bangalore. Everything seems to be artificial and crowded and not worthy enough to be captured. As i travel more, and see more places, i realise how beautiful kerala is as of today, when the leaders are busy trying to make another dubai out of kerala. I do not have any faintest hope of reversing the urbanisation except digging into the nostalgic beauty of kerala as much as possible when i can. The loss of one could be the charm of another. This time the call of Kerala is very strong and aim back there on Monday, hoping to capture some monsoon magic at Kerala. Do not know what is in store for me, and I am optimistic. Have added a wide angle lens to the camera bag (tokina 11-16), and hope it will hep to capture some monsoon splendour.

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