Saturday, June 16, 2012

You are indeed the gods own country

After my recent whirl wind visits to the middle east and karnataka, I am convinced of the blessings showered upon the gods own country known as Kerala. When Kerala is experiencing the monsoon rains, the middle east is under the scorching heat of summer. Having a shower after eight in the morning is next to impossible as the water coming through the pipes are near boiling point under the scorching heat of the sun. Whatever greenery in the land is artificial, and the grey matter is not as sharp as the malls mind. Starting from the airport where I had to face a very long que at the immigration caused by understaffed counters and the very relaxed approach of those at the counters, the signs of mis management was very visible. My return from the middle east was to Karnataka. The climate is pleasant now with occasional showers, and at the same time there is accute shortage of water. In our apartment, water comes nay for 30 minutes a day. No one has any clue about when the situation will improve. My motherland Kerala, I love you more now, especially during the monsoon time, with all your shortcomings. You are really beautiful and no other place on planet earth can match your beauty and cultural heritage. I am eagerly looking forward to the day of my coming back to get drenched in your monsoon showers and to hug your supreme splendour. You are indeed the gods own country.

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R Niranjan Das said...

Definitely Kerala is Gods Own Country. Compare Kerala with any other place in the world and I would say that Kerala is far ahead of all of them. :)