Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hangout at the Abad Nucleus mall, Maradu, Ernakulam.It is just another shopping mall.

Here are some of the shops inside the Abad Nucleus mall, where I like to spend time. During my last visit, the fish spa got my attention. Here you dip your feet into the fish tanks, and the fish cleans your feet. Worth trying once.

Wildcraft products are as good as any other globally renowned brands. The wildcraft back pack I use is more than three years now and is still going strong. They deal with travel and adventure accessories. Some of the wildcraft outlets sell brands other than wildcraft as well. Beware of them. If you are buying something, specifically ask for the wildcraft brand.

Food court is quite okay. Enjoy.

The camera store inside the nucleus mall is good for a camera enthusiast. Not that fantastic. Stocks are limited. Have not included the stores of interest to my family. They do have a fab India (dresses), D.C books (for book lovers), some other exotic saree outlets and several other shops. A good place to go, once in a while.

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