Sunday, December 30, 2012

Traveling to Kerala today, from Mumbai....

I am traveling back to Kerala today, from Mumbai, by the 11.40 a.m Indigo direct flight from Mumbai (Bombay). After spending a few days in one of the busiest cities of India / World, the prospect of traveling back to Kerala inspires me a lot. I am just getting ready for the travel, and I am busy doing a few essential things before the travel, and thought of blogging it.
The day started with the preparation of a coffee at the hotel room at Mumbai. I must really appreciate the excellent service of this hotel, Tunga paradise at the MIDC area. Very very professional in their dealing with a guest. While preparing the coffee itself, I created lot of waste, which annoys me as a responsible traveler.

The first thing is to charge my ipad mini to the fullest, so that it has enough battery power to read my favorite e-books, write some blog posts, watch some ted talks and click some photographs on the way. I love my ipad mini, for it's lightness, picture quality, blogging software and for the ease of uploading photos.

During the month of December, nights are very cold in the hill stations and at the same time the days can be very warm and bright. So, it will be a wise decision to carry a sweater, along with your sun glasses and a cap and some summer wear. Do not forget to take your walking / running shoes, During morning time the outdoors are very nice during this month of December. Enjoy the cool fresh breeze outside. My walking shoes are among the essential travel list of mine. (It does not mean that I am very regular in my exercises while traveling :-(, and I want to correct it. A new year resolution).

I always ensure that my mobile phones are charged to the fullest before a travel. You will need them to contact others as soon as you land at the Kochi airport.
 Not a bad idea to carry a mosquito repellant. In some parts of Kerala like Kochi, Alleppey, the mosquito menace is very chronic.The mosquito repellant application of your iphone/ipad/ipod also works to some extent.

I must charge my  camera to the fullest, and try to get a window seat in the flight. While landing in Kerala, if the skies are clear, the aerial view of Kerala is spectacular. So while flying to Kerala, always I try to get  that window seat in the flight, because I do not know when an opportunity for a great photograph strikes.

 Sometimes I forget to carry my medicines. That is a big pain. This time I am ensuring that the medicines are with me. 

I am a born procrastinator. Many times, this habit of mine have forced my blood pressure to shoot to it's upper limits, preventing me from the joy of travel at least for a while.   Pack your bags well in advance, and try to reach the airport well ahead.

Since I have parked my car at the Kochi airport, I will be using it this time to go home from the airport. Normally I prefer a pre-paid taxi from the airport if I have lot of luggage. If the luggage is less, then I always prefer the air conditioned volvo bus service to Kochi / Fort kochi, which is very economical. When pre-paid taxi costs me Rs.750 to go to my home from the airport, the volvo bus charges are only Rs.200, and it is more convenient than the cab, if luggage is not the constraint.

Hopefully I will have an enjoyable trip to Kerala and hope to post more about Kerala from Kerala.

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