Friday, January 4, 2013

Kochi marine drive

After spending a lot of time at the kochi biennale venue (still not completed) we came back to ernakulam to finish off some personal work, and we got some free time at ernakulam. We could see the sun setting at the marine drive side. Even though we were tired, we thought of one more round of photography, and rushed to marine drive, which was just ten minutes walk from our car park. By the time we reached there, it was the fag end of the sunset, still I mounted the camera on the tripod, with the nd filter on, which allowed me the slow shutter speed. I wanted the silky smooth touch to the water. I am not unhappy with the result, and hope to better it further in the near future. One of the lessons photography taught me is continuous improvement. So, this is one of my best photographs, till I take a better one, and that can happen any moment. Hope, you are enjoying my blogpost and photographs. Have a wonderful time.

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