Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wandering around Fort Kochi on 01/01/2013

The first day of the year 2013 was good for the photographer in me. Me and Antony, my nephew wanted to go out for photography, but did not know where to go. Since it was very hot outside during the day, we decided to venture out in the evening and ended up at Fort Kochi. Since it was already evening, we did not go for the Kochi Biennale, and ended up clicking away around the venue of the Kochi biennale. Will be posting them here soon. Here is the first one;

The photo above was taken from behind the aspinwall godown. Fort kochi and mattancherry are really beautiful, if one can go behind the godowns and get a glimpse of the sea during the sunset time. I wanted to get the soft feeling of water in my photograph, hence used a ND400 filter to achieve a slower shutter speed, in bright light conditions and of course, the camera was on the tripod. That was the time when a ship crossed us to enter into the kochi port. That was a beautiful scene, and wish I could capture it. Since the 30sec shutter speed was ticking away on my canon, I could not do much, and in this photograph, I got the blurred image of the ship. Still I feel that the crystal clear image of the passing ship would have made another interesting photograph. You can see Antony also in this picture, clicking with his brand new Sony dslr. On the wall is a beautiful fish painted by an artist, as part of the kochi biennale. I could spot many more paintings like this on the streets of kochi and unfortunately i could not capture them because it was too dark and cars were parked beside them due to kochi carnival. Thank lord for a positive beginning to year 2013.

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