Monday, March 25, 2013

Have a lion at srilanka. Take a weekend break to srilanka

This time as a blessing in disguise, my official trip to Bahrain was through srilanka, as direct tickets were not available due to easter rush. For the first time in my life, I took the srilankan airlines flight starting from kochi at 9.30 am. The flight duration was less than an hour. I had a six hours stop over at the Colombo airport as the connecting flight to Bahrain was only at 6.30 pm. I just tried for a visa at the visa on arrival counter and as a pleasant surprise I got it. I really appreciate the patriotism and sincerity of the staff at the airport. They knew their business. Then came the premium service by the tourism department for two thousand five hundred srilankan rupees, which is about exactly the half in indian rupees. A moment when I felt at ease with myself. The offer included a brand new Toyota hybrid car, with an English speaking driver who doubled as a guide as well. Since it is psalm Sunday, and I missed the mass due to travel, I asked him to take me to the nearest church which is the oldest. He took me to St. Mary's church at Negombo, a small town near the airport. Prayed for a while there, and captured some photos of the church. Then came the best part of the day. Our next stop was a budhist temple, with great sculpting and eye catching paintings. It was very peaceful experience, and a fest for the photographer in me. Next stop was a nearby beach. Could not do much there as it was noon time. Had lunch at a local srilankan restaurant, along with local beer named lion. While in India have a king fisher, in Singapore have a tiger, and in srilanka, have a lion, that was the spirit. If it was a bright sunny day till noon, by three p.m there was a thunder storm. I am not sure whether the climate in srilanka is this unpredictable always. Did some window shopping at a gems store. That's all we could do within the few hours I got at srilanka. All these were at a stones throw away from the Colombo airport. My first tryst with srilanka occurred quite unexpectedly like this. Will come back again srilanka, that is for sure.

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R Niranjan Das said...

That is an excellent way to promote tourism.

Abrachan Pudussery said...

Thank you Niranjan