Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Peaceful shopping is impossible.@ Lulu, Kochi

Believe me, I spent only 30 minutes within the Lulu mall. It is definitely one of the biggest malls around in India, and especially Kerala and Kochi. Right now, it lacks character and the people who visit also lack character. Expecting a character from a mall this new is ridiculous, so there is hope. People flock to this mall just to see it, and they do not know how to behave in a mall. It is just over crowded by unruly crowd most of the time, and hopefully that will subside over a period of time. For a person who have visited big shopping malls before, this mall do not have anything extra to offer. One good news is that apple store is coming to Kochi (in Lulu). Hopefully bose also will come in, so our dependency on Bangalore or chennai for these will reduce. It has a reasonably good electronic store. I loved the displays at the Alukkas diamond store. The department store is very spacious and filled with stuff and people. I did not feel like entering it. Time will tell whether I will go there frequently or not. One attraction is the amble parking area, and the major distraction is the rush inside and outside the mall. Peaceful shopping is impossible :-(

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