Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Buy a Micromax smart phone. It looks similar to Samsung note. Micromax mobile phones are selling like hot cakes, giving a run for their money for samsung

Whenever I go to Marine drive, kochi, I visit the sea breeze mobile stores within the GCDA complex, just to do some widow shopping. Since I am a regular customer, Lijo and his team gives be special treatment, and very often I get the best re-sale value for my old phones. Very often I end up buying a new phone. Today, I went there with an intention to buy a sony xperia Z phone (will post it as another entry soon). Within the 10 minutes I spent in the shop, they sold two Micromax smartphones, which are reak value for money. A dual sim phone just costs Rs.10,000, where as an equivalent samsung phone costs Rs.20,000, which is almost double. Micromax have improved leaps and bounds, when it comes to quality as well. It is selling like hot cake in Kerala. Others are really struggling to catch up. Good luck Micromax. It is good for the Indian consumer. I took these photos using my samsung note2, a phone which I am unable to complain about, except the price. So far I dropped it twice from a height of five feet, and nothing went wrong.

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