Monday, April 1, 2013

Travel tips..Always carry a camera with you. @Cochin International Airport

This photograph happened during my way back to Kochi, my hometown from Bahrain. After getting out of the airport I realized that I have forgotten to take two curios I bought at the Colombo airport. I left them in the flight itself. When contacted, the Srilankan airlines staff got it back to me in no time. That was a wonderful experience of customer orientation. When I reached my car parked outside, the battery was completely down, as I forgot to switch off the park lights, when I parked it there six days before. Had to call the service guys, who repaired it for me for a premium as it was good friday. That gave me amble time to walk around the airport and click some photographs. This is one among them. If you carry a camera, you are never alone.

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