Monday, February 17, 2014

A second grade citizen in dogs own country

Our volvo bus was caught for overspeeding at 74km when the allowed speed is 54km as per the police, resulting in a waiting time of more than 30 minutes for all of us in the bus. Today morning only I witnessed the convoy of police escorting  some politicians within the city, defying all sorts of traffic norms. They were cruising at dangerous speeds through congested roads during peak hours. The public servants whom we elected have one law whereas the people who elected them have a different set. This is when I long for something like the aam aadmi party. Iam disgusted with the cheap politicians of kerala who are competing among themselves for self promotion by hoarding huge flex boards which are prohibited in the first pace, at prominent places, a sore to the eyes, which even obstructs vision of the drivers. None have any complaints. When the election approaches, this is bound to peak at the cost of the ordinary citizens and mother earth.

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