Friday, February 14, 2014

Creator of heaven and earth, and the future generations...please forgive me..

I travel through the new container terminal road frequently, and this sight of hundreds of birds flocking the mangrove forests on both sides of the road, and the fisher men making a living out of fishing in this area are   very familiar sights to me. These are very pleasant sights, and at the same time a cause of great concern as well. This will become a thing of the past soon, if no action is taken.  Half of the mangrove biome (swamp) in the area is destroyed for the construction of the road, and what is remaining is under constant threat from the collusion of the real estate lobby and the officials. Once the mangrove biome is eradicated, the birds will stop visiting this place..and dont not think that it will stop there. The whole of the coastal suburbs of Kochi city which is prone to soil erosion and tsunami will be at a higher risk. Whenever I see these birds and fishermen, this mixed reaction engulfs me, and I photograph it again and again, as if I am trying to still a passing dream of God's own country to Dog's own country. The creator of heaven and earth, and the future generation, please forgive me for my inaction.

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