Friday, February 7, 2014

Evade evil eyes - Nimbu - Chilli garlands

A garland made of red chillies and lime, when hung in front of  your priced possession (house, car etc) is believed to repel the gazes of the envious, thus preventing any harm. This is practiced throughout India. 
In fact we are opening a pandora's box!.  7 chillies & lemon is to ward-off evil spirits or jealous glances from your article of possession. Some tie lemon and chillies on front bumper of their car in  and I have seen them on all modes of transport cycle, bus/truck etc. I believe lemon and chillies hav "caustic"/"bitter" taste and that is how you would like to treat evil spirits with. The concept behind this is, if you have a very attractive possession like a newly built house, people will oggle at it jealously and make it lose its novelty/value. So, instead you yourself demean it non-destructively by hanging lemon&chillies, showing an evil face or horse shoe nailed to front door or putting a black spot on face of a cute baby.

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