Friday, February 7, 2014

From the upanayanam ceremony of Chandan's son Sooryanarayana. This was the first time I attended a upanayanam ceremony.

Upanayana also called the 'sacred thread ceremony’ is a ceremony performed to mark the point at which children began their formal education in the Vedic tradition. Upanayana is traditionally seen as getting a new birth in the spiritual world towards the higher knowledge of the Self. It is an initiation process to learning the sacred chants and mantras according to the Vedic tradition. Upanayanam ceremony is complete with the wearing of the Yajnopavitam (Sacred Thread) on the body.

During Upanayana, the great Gayatri Mantra is imparted to the Brachmachari as it is considered as the greatest of all upadesams and is called “Brahmopadesam”.

Both father and son were below the shawl. In fact I asked Chandan about what did he say to his son then, and he did not reply, could be because it is a holy secret which cannot be shared with others. 

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