Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What a business idea Sirji....The economics of buffalo grass

How true it is when the business pundits defined business as 'making money using others time and money'. We subcontracted the work of our new lawn to a Bengali gentleman Biswas, who always spoke at a very low pitch with lot of modesty which created an atmosphere of trust and sincerity. Then he brought his work force, a group of  starved youngsters from the interior parts of Bengal. Every day, they came to the site on bicycles, cycling from faraway places, because they wanted to save on the bus fare. From their looks, their living conditions must be really bad, as per the normal living standards in Kerala. We pay them Rs.550/- day, which is equivalent to the local malayalee workers daily wage. Biswas takes a part of it as commission, and only the remainder reached these poor workers, from which they had to pay for their food and shelter. They live in subhuman environments. Their plight in Kerala is worse than that of Keralites working in the middle east region for lowly paid jobs. Now, our lawn has grown, and looks green, and it is time to crop it. One of Biswas's workers cropped the grass, collected the cropped grass into plastic bags and transported it to another location for growing a new lawn. He in fact used my land to grow the grass, and made me pay for his employee to crop the grass and transport it to the next location, and getting his commission for it...What a business idea Sirji...:-)

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