Sunday, November 30, 2014

#kerala2dolist - Patterns of the pick pockets of India

Driven by my passion to stretch the Indian rupees, I decided to travel by the volvo buses at Bangalore. While entering the bus at the bus stop, two guys obstructed my way by asking some questions to the conductor of the bus, while another two to three guys pushed me from behind, sand witching me in between. My movement was restricted for a moment, and then everything was back to normal. I got into the bus and continued my journey. Within a few minutes, I realized that I lost my mobile phone. Last week while traveling from Ernakulam junction railway station to Trivandrum, I stopped at the inquiry counter to inquire about the timing and platform of my train, and the same pattern repeated. Two to three guys were pushing me from behind while another two obstructed my way forward, and I sensed the danger.  I turned backwards and yelled at those who were pushing me forward trying to create an artificial rush, while guarding my purse and the mobile with both my hands. That spoiled their attempt of day light robbery at the railway station. This might be happening every day with the only difference of the victims. 

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