Sunday, November 30, 2014

Some insights about blogging by the kerala2dolist blogger

I am really glad that kerala2dolist is about to touch 300000 visits and at the same time the revenue from this blog is at USD 60 only. This has become like a tree which has grown big without much yield, hence thought that the time is ripe for an introspection and strategy. Visitors are coming in small numbers from India and the United states of America. The 80:20 principle is very evident in the posts that attract traffic. It is the 20% of the posts that attract 80% of the traffic. Another key observation is seasonal variation of the hits/page. During Shabarimala pilgimage, the hits to the shabarimala related posts attract more traffic, so is with Christmas. So, the blogger has the responsibility to think slightly proactive and plan his posts according to the season's demand. The tree which has grown on it's own needs care according to the seasons. The blogging must align with the anticipated events to increase the real traffic through searches.

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