Wednesday, January 21, 2015

An update of the cyclingwithmycamera1000miles project

That was a 11km ride, which is the highest for me so far, and I am sure that I am going to improve further as I get fitter and master cycling better. The cyclingwithmycamera1000 project is about cycling 1000 miles within the year 2015. That boils down to approximately 25 miles per week. Last week I clocked 26, so this week I am planning 26. In agile project management, we call it as the velocity (the productivity of the previous sprint). One always plan the current sprint based on the velocity of the previous sprint. Things look better and possible as of now, and there are some risks which I did not consider while starting the project. In Kerala, it rains from May to Sep, and cycling become tougher. So effectively I have only 7 months to clock 1000 miles against  the initial plan of 12 months. I call it as the progressive elaboration nature of projects. When we start a project, we have very less information about the project, and as we progress we gain more insights. With this insight, I must do 36 miles / week on an average to accomplish the target of 1000 miles in 2015. I am loving it.

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