Monday, February 23, 2015

Did another 10 miles of cycling through the scenic Kadamakudy

Today morning We ( Abrachan Pudussery and Sanesh Paul) did a 10 miles ride to Kadamakudy. As decided earlier, we will be doing four 10 miles trips (practice trips) to Kadamakudy every week, as it has the best of the roads now which are not crowded. Early mornings are very cool due to the cold breeze blowing constantly from the backwaters. Weekends we are planning for long rides. The next destination is not decided yet. Apart from just riding, we want to do something more valuable to the society, and at the same time can be clubbed with cycling / walking / running / travel. After the 7th mile we took a break at our favorite culvert for a short prayer and meditation. 

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