Thursday, June 11, 2015

Stretching the Indian rupee once again.

I want to travel to Bangalore from Kochi. The flight charges are around INR 4000 one way. That is definitely value for money. Next option is the luxury buses plying between these two cities. The biggest problem is they do not stop anywhere during this ten hours journey. Their charges vary on a daily basis, the minimum being a thousand Indian rupees.The next option available to me is the train. The intercity express starting at 9.10 am from the ernakulam junction. Tried for AC chair car, and it was full. The price for AC chair car is rs 650. In non AC seats were available. Checked the price, and to my surprise it was only 205. Yes just rupees 205. I do not mind taking this one during a rainy day. So this trip of mine to Bangalore is a budget trip. Literally stretching the Indian rupee.

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