Saturday, June 6, 2015

Where are the monsoon rains?

This is the first time I am seeing kids going to school in bright sunshine. Generally the downpour starts from June 1st on wards as if it was waiting for the schools to reopen to hit the ground. May be the rains do not want to upset the kids during their vacation, hence the wait for the schools to reopen. Rain or no rain, most of the birds at Kadamakudy have left for their next destination, except some egrets. How am I going to use my camera during the rainy season at Kerala. May be I should resort to some indoor photography. Good time for street photography as well. During the rains, the streets have a different look altogether. I hope to make use of my sony z ultra water resistant mobile to good use during this rainy season. Everything is changing, including the seasons, and they call it as climate change. I am no exception, I also must learn to cope up with the changing times.

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