Tuesday, October 6, 2015

kelaralavlog#1 Ice creams, spices, Mather street, Broadway

Most part of the week was very dull mainly due to the non stop rains. Thanks to the climatic changes. Towards the fag end of the week, I got irritated and restless because of the weather triggered confinement of mine to my home office. I took my cycle and did 20km. On the way back, I was blessed with the opportunity to click the bridge connecting my village Varapuzha to the Kochi metro city. During the weekend ( a long one because of Gandhiji's birthday falling on Oct 2nd), I accompanied my daughter for some shopping at Broadway, Ernakulam. Of course, the first priority was some good ice creams.  The ice cream at the Caravan ice cream parlor was delicious and moderately priced. It is small, clean, air conditioned space. Not crowded. From there we walked through the broadway street, and then to Mather street. It is the place to demonstrate your bargaining skills. The prices are very competitive because most of them are wholesale dealers. I purchased a diary from a stationary store at half the price they quoted in another shop just 1 km away. On the way I clicked at the spices displayed in a spice store in Broadway. This is not the best place for buying spices. Mattancherry would be better for that. My daughter purchased some painting material from the Mather street, which is a narrow by lane within the Broadway.

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