Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A much cherished goal came true

Ever since someone told me about the food at the KAdamakudy toddy shop, I wanted to make a visit to that place, which materialised this Sunday. Me and my friend cycled to the Kadamakudy toddy shop. There are two toddy shops at Kadamakudy. One is at the entrance to Kadamakudy, adjacent to the main road and the other one in the middle of the paddy fields. We went to the second one, which is at the middle of the paddy fields. To reach there, one has to go up to the Kadamakudy junction ( a small junction at the end of kadamakudy, near a temple) and then take a left. The vehicles will go till five hundred meters from the toddy shop and then walk through a 3 feet wide path right through the paddy fields / Chemmeen (prawns) Kettu (field). Since we were cycling, we could reach right up to the toddy shop. We reached by around 10.30 am, and was one of the early visitors of the day. Kallu(toddy) shops are very basic and rustic shacks which serve very spicy food and toddy at very economical tastes. They have their own recipes which are spicy. One eat the spicy food, and top it with toddy to get rid of the hot chilly thus augmenting the drinking spree. The shop keeper was generous enough to visit their kitchen. Pork curry, kappa with fish curry, kallummakkaya, beef fry were the delicacies of the day. We had kappa with fish curry and kallummakkai fry. The kallummakkai was very good. In fact I ordered an extra one as parcel to take home. I did not dare to taste the toddy as I had to travel to Bangalore the same day evening, for the fear of stomach upset, because the toddy could be adulterated. The supply of toddy is much below the demand and this leads to adulteration. By around twelve noon we started our journey back. My cycle greeted me with a punctured tyre. Since it was a short trip, I did not take any spare tube. After searching for a while, we were lucky enough to locate a local cycle mechanic who helped us to fix the puncture. I am sure that I will go there again. If you are interested to enjoy a slice of this slow life, please join me. I do have a spare cycle. We can cycle together to the Kadamakudy islands. Will post the photographs of this trip soon.

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