Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Stories from Kadamakudy - Origin of the name Kadamakudy

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. 
Marcel Proust

The alarm was set  at 4.45 am, and it did not fail. The first dilemma was whether to sleep further or get set and go for the cycling trip to Kadamakudy islands. I lost count of the number of trips I made to Kadamakudy, and that by itself was a good enough justification to enjoy the comfort of sleeping more. However, the lure of starting the day in a positive note was good enough to get ready. The next dilemma was whether to carry my compact camera or not. I slid my sony wx500 compact camera, the most trusted and widely used camera of mine into my pocket. I started cycling towards Kadamakudy by around 5.30 am and I was there by around 5.45 am. It was still dark. Thanks to the head and tail lamps of my cycle. That boosted my confidence. Already there were some morning walkers there. Some of them are familiar to me. One group was relaxing at the culvert where I used to sit and meditate. They are all born and brought up at Kadamakudy. I had this question about the name 'Kadamakudy'. How did that name evolve?. Kadal mukkuva kudy - Kadal means sea. Mukkuvar means fishermen. Kudy means the place where one lives (huts). Kadamakudy was a place where the sea fishermen used to stay. That was the most convincing answers. Kadama means duty, kudy means drinking. A place where the fundamental duty of people was to drink. Any way the first one sounds more convincing.  The narrow 5km stretch of  road cutting through the Kadamakudy islands is a delight for walkers and cyclists. The humming sound of the first bus from the island...and the cyclist crossing each other on a narrow strip of road ...that needs presence of mind and confidence. When in doubt I just stop and give way for the other vehicle. 

While the climate was very good for cycling, it was not that great for the photographer. The lighting was dull as the sun was covered with clouds. That called for some amount of working through my compositions, and Kadamakudy did not disappoint me. It has something new to offer every day.

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